rebecca's story

Hello! Thanks so much for taking time to check out my little corner of the Web.

It began years ago when I was given a 110mm hot pink Barbie camera for my fifth birthday. I absolutely loved running around documenting my family and pets with that camera, snapping away at the star-shaped shutter, anxiously waiting for the film to come back from the local lab (yes, back then all we had was glorious film).

While my taste in colors and cameras have evolved over the years, my passion for documenting moments of life continued into adulthood. It led me to earn a Bachelor’s degree in photography from Webster University.

While at Webster I ended up meeting the guy who would eventually become my main second shooter and husband, Alex. We met in a Digital Imaging I course, where Alex's big Photoshop project was transforming his cocker spaniel Chester into Falcore the Dragon from The NeverEnding Story. Who wouldn't fall in love with him, right?! We make a great documenting duo, and we love getting to capture other couple's love. 

If we’re photographing a session and you bring your fur baby, expect me to make clucking noises to get their attention. I have no shame. I also usually end up sharing embarrassing stories from my childhood to bust out those natural laughs and smiles. 

Don’t worry, I’ve got plenty to go around for everyone.  

I don’t take myself too seriously and really like to listen to my client’s needs and wants to best capture their vision. 

Currently, Alex and I reside in Saint Louis, Mo., with our cats Haru and Henrietta, dogs Rally and Phoebe, and chickens Chewbawka, Kylo Hen, Arya, Raven, and Princess Lay-a (and, yes, I'm a huge Star Wars geek and name my chickens after Star Wars poultry puns).

When I have spare time I enjoy spending it with all my animal loves and family, volunteering and helping run the spent-hen non-profit, Second-Hen’d, enjoying the amazing food St. Louis has to offer, riding around on my 1987 BMW K75 (yes, geeks ride motorcycles too), gardening and making tasty pies from scratch.  

thanks for stopping by!

now that you know a little bit about me I’d love to learn more about you and your photo needs!